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Coca Cola’s ‘Hilltop’ ad by McCANN ERICKSON, INC.

Sarah Traverso, director of multimedia production for Coca-Cola North America, wrote about the remastering process in a blog post:

On March 25, I got a chance to work on perhaps Coke’s most iconic commercial—the 1971 classic, “Hilltop.” Filmed in Italy, the spot celebrates the diversity of cultures from all around the globe by showing people coming together to sing a song of unity. It was so popular that its soundtrack, “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing,” became a hit single. The original 35mm footage on which the commercial was filmed sits in a vault in the Library of Congress, where
American culture is preserved.
So what was I doing with the original footage almost 45 years later? Technically speaking, I was remastering the 35mm film for 4K Television, and color-correcting it. In layman terms, that means I was preserving an iconic gem for a new generation.

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Excuse me while I digress

The decade as chief creative at McCANN 1 marked the hilltop of my career in society’s perspective. My good life in advertising begann at age 17 in Munich was set on automatic. Too easy.

Munich had no network agencies but a few excellent owner driven ones. I had to return to Germany via New York, and from Emerging technologies (NeXT) to communications to be accepted and have a say.

I love McCANN since razorbacks like myself get hired and get to meet brilliant people. I could have my piece with admins—the bogeymen of my generation of creatives, intervene with other disciplines, set up an army as to be expected from a Sargent and contribute to Frankfurt’s defence from internal competition (LA, London and New York) as victors.

Time and time again, I wasn’t loved though.





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