Peter Roos, COO, McCann Germany.

How McCann learns to shut up

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Like no other ad agency in Germany, McCann has substance and fulfills the requirements to set the standard for the upcoming years.‟ That’s right Peter Roos, not only will McCann want to demonstrate a profitable transformation, but McCann will drive and enable inevitable change for the German ad industry in our post-digital age.. These acts will have new business models in their following and by doing, McCann will gain solidarity with consumers naturally. The consumer in turn, will come to regain trust in the ad business and lend their growing trust to McCann in particular.


During a recent telephone conversation, Erich Reuter, executive creative director at McCann’s Munich dependency mentioned: „McCann insists on being a media-neutral agency.‟ According to German trade magazine WuV, McCann patriarch Helmut Sendlmeier speaks about a „transformation process‟. It’s about aquisitions and digitalization. I like to add that above all it is about general orientation. It’s about cultivating stakeholders toward being digital, including the agency clientele and the consumer.


Silence is golden until the conversation turns toward the achieved acts. A doing that can’t be undone.