Saatchi & Saatchi take note


German census May 9th 2011

German census May 9th 2011


You can’t hurry love or can you?

I don’t have an answer, what I do have is a proposition for Kevin Roberts and his lovemarks company on how to win over Proctor & Gamble and turn their products into lovemarks. How? By proving the lovemarks theory with one Proctor & Gamble product, measured results and promoting the case study as tipping point for other P&G products to follow suit.

Context awaiting content

Germany has serious problems with differenciating what causes greater safety issues, publicness or privacy. Should a law be passed to restrict Google street view. What about Facebook? Things will heat up with the next German census taking place on May 9, 2011. I can’t thing of a greater opportunity to play with fun content in a more serious context. The German census will show how much love the German people have for their ‚Volkszahnbürste‛, the P&G Oral B powertoothbrush [see support illustrations above].