Star's and Stripes Victory



Nazis quit war. It's over in Europe.



May 8 1945 Victory in Europe Day
Many questions



70 years after, I still don’t understand Germans. The German soul, is it noticeable when climbing up a path from a Grimm fairy tale setting to the Heidelberg Castle, passing by splendour mansions decorated with the insignia of fencing fraternities?

When Germans say Germany, they mean Europe, and when they say Europe they mean Germany.

Is reunited Germany a colony of the United States, or is it – as Augstein told the Spiegel news magazine, that the USA is no longer part of the West and that now Europe is the West?

Does Moscow in the center of Europe belong to Europe, or will it be the Eurasian Union, that stretches from Wladiwostock to Lisbon?



Friendship photos 2005 u. 2014, Putin and Schröder. Foto: rtr - Foto: dpa



Friendship photos make me smile, they don’t make me wonder.

What makes me wonder, why Norway is no member of the Europan Union. A great match to the other northern countries I admire from early childhood on for their social progress and sophisticated people.