On clarifying minimalism

All eyes on Andrew Kim. Leading tech blogs agreed , when Kim published an unsolicited proposition for the next Microsoft. So he went to work on Microsoft’s XBox but moved on to be a lead designer for Elon Musk’s Tesla. His blog Minimally Minimal was a Mecca of the growing minimal tendency movement to pilgrim to.

What happened next may trigger a John Lennon/Yoko Ono deja vu. But Lennon/Ono did not bring down the Beatles and Kim/Park won’t bring down minimalism. ichellein.com has already reached a 405,148 traffic rank in the US. Half way there at the Alexa rank of 205,323 achieved by minimallyminimal.com.

Around April 2016 his blog entries had stalled and was finally quit to the benefit of Andrew Kim and Michelle JY Park getting married. The newly wed wanted to do something together. Something they would want to read themselves.

Learn the insights. On Andrew Kim, Microsoft and the breakthrough proposition for the next Microsoft:
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Was minimalism is not

A tendency toward minimalism has nothing in common with survival strategy.
Not even with the disposal of so called redundant, useless, or worthless things. With minimalism these would be out of the question. That would be wasteful and minimalism has nothing to do with wasteful.

So, what is minimalism?

The self discipline to restrict what to regard as nothing but useful, helpful, beautiful or bringing to it.