„Wickert meets Kaulitz‟ Berlin agency Heimat campaign for the federal association of the Volks Banks and Raiffeisen Banks claiming “value creates value“.

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For Al Ries, author, columnist and public relations authority, who coined ‘positioning’, too many marketers are going soft..

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Edward Boches, chief innovation officer at Mullen asks back:“Are marketers really going soft?”



Is the current soft marketing wave hurting sales? Does hard sale result in hard cash?

You may not know European Carglass ads, view one here. Not that I, as a creative would be terribly fond of them, or get emotionally involved, however should the glass of the car be corrupted, the car goes to Carglass. With emotions and drama left aside.

A tangible, immediate solution to a common problem (that of a crack in your car’s glass) and life changing experience making family life better.

It’s not in question if hard sell or soft sell.

The prompt answer in any case comes from an honest answer to asking yourself, is my performance as marketer tangible and immediately fullfilling my claim?

Value creates value“, you lost me, what does that mean?

What I however do understand is, we need banking not banks.