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Brilliant Lorenz von Seidlein, who’s journeys and mine intersected several times, was aiming at finding a cure for malaria. He als got me to decide in favor of untypical decisions and helped me escape from New York.

We already know that the zebra has its world famous stripes, to escape from mosquitoes view, and we also know that with climate change, mosquitoes will increasingly appear in North America and Europe, the invasion has already begun.

Kite Patch, is offering a cure that will make us invisible to mosquitoes much like the stripes do for the zebra, however by deferring the C02 we breathe for mosquitoes. With each patch you stay undetected for 48 hours.



The patch is being commercialized by an impact venture group called ieCrowd, which acquired the underlying technology from University of California Riverside. ieCrowd is now looking for money to send the first patches to its partner in Uganda. It needs at least $75,000.

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