George Stubbs Hamletonian, Rubbing Down, 1800

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Make it count.
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Sir Ken Robinson has previously challenged and delighted us with his vision for changing educational paradigms to better optimize a broken system for creativity.
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Make the knife go with the pencil

I spent a most lovely morning in best company at the Neue Pinakothek in Munich, currently exhibiting British Painter George Stubbs.

I took home a line from George Stubbs as my headline , a few postcards and my favorite shortbread from the museum store.

You can learn more on Stubbs by selecting the pdf icon above.

However, before you do that, do us all the favor and run the video in the center column.

It will make your day and ruin your life or vice versa.

Blame Maria Popova for it, since I discovered it in today’s brain pickings newsletter.

Excellent stuff. Make it count.