Advertising is being “kärchert”

“Make impossible cleaning possible” Even overused catch phrased are being “<em>gekärchert</em>”.

“Make impossible cleaning possible” Even overused catch phrased
are being “gekärchert”.

When the going get’s tough, tough German’s don’t get going, they grab a tool from Kärcher and stay put. World renown for law abiding, obsessing over cleanliness and order, Germans trust Kärcher for getting the job done. The brand is powerful enough for folks to replace a common word like “clean” with “kärcher”.

Now that its time for spring cleaning, and with ever present disruptive advertising brought to the nations living rooms by leading creative agency’s, one such agency attempts to counter, clean up, and “kärcher” advertising, or so it seems.

Nothing much exciting happens here. It’s classic advertising as we have come to know it and are accustomed to. A sigh of relief from all too common disruptive ads.

The shock-induced paralysis, advertising, news media and recent politics citizens are caught up in, disolves in breath-catching boredom.

Few German brands make a lucrative comeback with good old adverts we know so well. With brands like Kärcher, Carglass and Fiehlmann a much welcome conformity is kärching disruptive.

A storm of normal

Consumers are returning to being citizens. How did they become consumers in the first place? Citizens increasingly suspicious of populistic sensationalism carried out by news media, politics and disruptive advertising, are holding on to what they know and feel comfortable with. A step forward instead of going back perhaps. The transformation of the current transformation perhaps. This was done by Jung von Matt, one of Germany’s top creative agencies who usually love to disrupt in a most annoying way.