Magic Numbers


of world wide web surfers are Germans statmarket reports.


of the adult population in Germany, Europe and the US will use the internet on a regular basis within the next 10 years.


of Europe uses broadband connections at a speed rate of at least 2 mbits/s.


of German households house kids busy with playing computer games.


of Germans engage in social networking from at work.


of the European community have access to broadband connection since July 2009.


of Germans have access to broadband connection.


between 16 and 74 year old Germans use the net at work. Every fourth that is. A number never before measured, and this was in 2006.


of the businesses in Germany have sold goods or services over the internet and other electronic networks according to the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) during 2008.

29 million

Germans choose hightech as their christmas present.

Germany ranks second in the international use of the world wide web. Followed by Canada, South Korea and Japan. In Germany 36 million internet users have downloaded more than 6 million videos in the month of August 2009. Female users older than 55 years habe watched 105 videos on average on YouTube. Men over the age of 55 have watched only 75 videos on average.

Denmark and the Netherlands still top the world ranking of broadband usage. Nine European countries including Germany with 27.5 procent are ranking above the USA with 25,8 percent.

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