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Made by mid tier

„Made by mid tier.”

Made by mid tier




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Deal. Take your word for it2 With its testimonial campaign, DK Bank aims to get their mid tier prospects talked about. Its self-serving purpose is not only acceptable it creates a recommended win win situation.

Fintech and e-commerce in Germany are the driving forces for usability. A much welcomed practice to wave the service desert the country was mocked for good-bye. The world knows the country for its talent to represent complex matter in an easy to grasp way. Anal retentiveness with focus on detail will soon pay for usability. Usability will finally become a driver for transformation. It may put Germany back on the radar for digital innovation.

Whatever works. Munich’s Fidor bank centered around consumer self-help. Paypal, as the new money. Smava and Auxmoney with crowdfunding credits. Or the growing number of e-commerce epigones of US successes. They took over close to all German tv commercial air time.

It only works with smooth running, seamless usability in place. The school of digital life.

How can we grant access to knowledge for as many people as possible? How can we make the world and its use of diversity explicable? These are the pressing questions in our time of transition. Its what the wealth of the majority and social peace depends on.

In command of the German language now listen to Wolf Lotter’s wonderful summary of current most pressing questions.

Via the German economy magazine, Brand Eins:



Einfach besser zuhören auf Brand Eins.

Listen to "Simply Better" Made by Mittelstand



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  1. Presumably not the agency to be credited for the tv ad.
  2. For Hanseatic merchants the handshake is still their binding promise even today.