Development is a friend and Brit designer Hulger demonstrates first signs of relief with its Plumen 001 lightbulb.

Get the lightbulb here for $29.99.

In Europe incandescent lightbulbs have been faded out since 2009).

Much to the dismay of European consumers, they now pay more for less light. The new lightbulbs introduced both a recycling and health hazard.  

Charming Plumen lightbulb by British Designer Hulger


I am afraid to say, the Plumen lightbulb, still releases phenol, and quicksilver in case the glasbulb breaks while its on.

As long as potential buyers -you and me- keep asking the manufacturer for improvement, a manufacturer will see his chance and improve the product hoping for a gain in market shares.

This is how development continues.

Today we, the consumers decide with our buying power over more or better..