Wolff Olins designed it, Futurebrand implements it.

Why has it failed to inspire?

Erik Spiekerman asks in a tweat earlier today. 


The London Olympics Logo

“That’s why.” spouted out in a snotty Brit’s response, may also hold the answer to Erik Spiekerman’s question.

A failed opportunity in which the London Olympic committee is expected to send a strong signal and help our society find answers to the biggest question faced by the human race:

“What can possibly motivate people around the world to want to do what must be done?”

Cosmologist Nancy Abram          

It is understood that in a pitch oriented environment of marketing specialists, the boldness and bravery of the industrial design with its youth orientation, inspired by an awfully dated and overused graffiti-street-culture was accepted in the boardroom.

“Don’t try and be me” would be a learned reaction of those it concerns and “Let me give it a try”. A massive crowd sourcing effort invokes a greater variety of interesting results of more relevance, besides kicking of an interesting conversation of a new asthetic emerging.

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Here’s an interview with James Bridle of the New Aesthetic by Huffington Post’s Robert Urquhart. And here’s an earlier entry of mine with a few NA visuals.

London has sparked major youth movements which changed the world’s society three times over (British invasion, Punk and today’s Hipster movement)


Citius, Altius, Fortius

Being there is everything may be of greater value to our DIY society than Swifter, Higher, Stronger.

A huge opportunity was overlooked, which explains why the logo failed to inspire.