Taking it all in via Cinemagraphs


The one thing Pixelmator could never do, is turn a sequence of pictures into an animated gif

Now that we have all gotten rid of photoshop mega files, we were out of luck with creating animated gifs the old fashioned way, unless we looked into other available options, which I didn’t.

I thought, oh well there goes animated gifs.

iOS holds a surprise for us out-of-luck desktop dudes, and I am ready for many more surprises in ever easier to use interfaces to get my hands on by way of iOS, and finally be able to switch from desk to couch or stay in bed all day.


The de-demonizing of a more elegant and intuitive user interface through iPad in conjunction with iCloud, for the office world to finally get a feel for how smooth and elegant many things can be by getting office chores done on an iPad.

The good people founding Flixel, in awe of cinemagraphs by Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck, or the hypnotic gif by photographer Jaime Martinez, somehow managed to pack all the needed technology into their Flixel app for the iPhone (get it here for free). So yes there is an app for everything and here is one to pick up where you left of doing animated gifs only in a more dramatic, cinemagraph way.


Go here for more cinemagraphs by Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck.

For Jaime Martinez’ hypnotic gif go here.

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