Heimat für HORNBACH

It seems impossible. Until you do it:
Tab this best do-it-yourself practice of some UT99 players.

rat map für UT99 – DM-[EST]DjinnsPlace

Some two decades ago, a bunch of Unreal Tournament gamers found each other on a global scale. They were unwilling to play the game in the war simulation battlefield the gaming industry had in mind for them.

It seemed impossible. Until they did it. Using the industry’s unreal engine they modified the game to their liking:

  • With modified maps they moved the game environment from war scenery to their parents home they were familiar with from their early childhood on: Nursery, kitchen, garage, backyard, bathroom.
  • Instead of warriers in combat suits they created familiar comic figures from favorite tv-series: Sponge Bob, Mr. Burns, Miss Piggy.
  • Gravity was decreased so the players would no longer drag their feet. The players now ran, jumped, ducked and even flew through the air.
  • In contrast to the giant map home setting the players merely had the size of a coachroach. With the aid from a translocator they could beam from their current location to another safer spot. This also helped them get from the kitchen floor to the kitchen cabinets or onto the refrigerator.
  • A major fun game evolved with help from the clans and the organisations they created aournd the world such as GMC or FPS. An incredibly fast first person shooter game.