Price Waterhouse Coopers’ report is an excellent read for anyone concerned with business and marketing. I have come across it and read it several times without loss of urgency or relevance. PWC provides an informative and elegantly designed overview of contemporary convergence.
Now that spending for digital marketing is said to have outpaced that of tv and print in Germany and local trade magazine’s relentless reporting of classic account losses at the benefit of digital media, it is a good time to have another look at what transformation holds in place and how to make good business sense of what has become old news yet deserves our full attention.

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It was Price Waterhouse Coopers that had issues with me, when I did the rebranding for the German language website for their Frankfurt offices. The one and only occurrence of difficulties I ever ran into with my outstanding branding efforts.

For proven and tried insights on social principles go here.
IPA Social: 10 principles has been referenced just about anywhere and serves as best reference for what to watch for when engaging with social media.

As for my branding efforts for PWC. As a thought leader, PWC’s credentials site is not socially enabled. Do we want to put our trust into a thought leader who refuses to taste his own medicine? No wonder they had issues with my outstanding branding efforts.