Marvel's Captain America und Hergé's Tim

Marvel’s Captain America and Hergé’s Tintin



There is plenty of evidence that soccer really is becoming more popular stateside, year-round. A day before Belgium beat the US team 2 to 1, Henry D. Fetter wanted to know to what extent American interest in the tournament will survive the departure of the U.S. team?

Was it ever pleasure, exactly? Football is is a very painful sport to watch. It is all about anxiety, even when your team is up in the Champions League Final. It might still go wrong, any minute. Every World Cup is waiting for England (or Scotland, or whoever) to lose.

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Ligne claire is a claim by Hergé, the Belgium illustrator of Tintin’s adventures. It stands for clarity in cartoon drawing by using as few strokes as possible. Oh, and Brussels must be the capitol of comic art aside from being host for the European Union’s headquarters.

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