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For the past 4 weeks, after I have read Peter Baker’s NYT article on educating the president, one thought stayed with me. That of focusing available resources on ridding the US of unemployment and driving business growth.


Letting go of the agenda of passing policies through legislature, which would now be stopped by the new seating arrangement on Capitol Hill, regardless. And call in a briefing for radical change.
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Become a republican leader for as long as it takes to increase the employment rate.


Surround yourself with your trusted advisors and think up how business can be attracted and come up with a roadmap on how this can possibly be achieved with all you got.


Then launch the Obama 2.0 campaign with the aim to end unemployment and drive business growth.








What are the general business drivers and levers? Have aggregators build to collect and reward feasible ideas that drive business and showcase use cases incl. the numbers and proof of concept. Set up a curriculum to ensure the briefing is understood. Crowdsource practical solutions. Do anything in your might to empower Americans to grow businesses.


Did not all successful new business models come from the US? Hasn’t the western world adapted much of the American way of life? Isn’t everyone wearing jeans and running their businesses on American built operating systems?


Yes they are.