twenty one pilots ~ Level of Concern

Sometime in self-quarantine, Tyler Joseph wrote his first song on the guitar, a delicious bit of ’80s pop-funk that revels in its simplicity — a less-common choice for Joseph, the duo’s songwriting engine and a studio maximalist. Anxiety has always been a core part of the Twenty One Pilots proposition, so its first lines, “Panic on the brain, world has gone insane/Things are starting to get heavy,” are familiar terrain. The solution here is a personal connection — a quarantine partner, someone to calm his itchy mind. The video shows Joseph and the drummer Josh Dun at home with their families and passing back and forth a memory stick (Postal Service style, sort of), ending with a calming promise: “We’ll be OK. We’re gonna be OK.”

Caryn Ganz
Wed 15. Apr 2020