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Jamahl Johnson named 10 stunning graphic design trends of 2020 for 99designs

  • Alright, kids, all of the graphic design tendencies presented by 99designs are hybrids of past and current techniques. Don’t mistake them for the biggest design tendencies of 2020 as I initially did. They represent a dirty mix rather than a straight forward, genuinely new tendency, establishing clutter rather than much-needed order. And a return to order, focused boundaries is what the user may very well appreciate the most to help her/him with orientation in a time that took liberty too far. What became of design purpose? What’s with user focus?
  • That said, many of these proposed tendencies are but useful techniques in single scenarios where the designer sees fit rather than guiding tendencies. They fail to provide a lead that is already being followed by a good number or majority of designers for any contemporary relevant reason in 2020.
  • Have a look at most of the album art you get to see on Pitchfork, they are in their abstractness a far fetch from human to human communication or say humane communications so that it’s time to call a doctor. Q: Are We Not Men A: We Are Devo
  • Yes, Johnson presents a very well curated collection of designer’s bets on trends including a good pick of illustrations to get your hands around these bets. One of my favorites would be Agnesema’s bet on collage because just by means of cut fragments, this technique easily opens up to new sceneries and unexpected relationships among the graphic elements (see top illustration to drive home the point made with minimalist trendencies going strong).