Remember Letraset?
via Mike Dempsey on Frederick Lambert


A most obvious idea that does has been around for by . Ideas that do are driving the economy and help bring sexy back to our ad industry.

  • What the font finds the font you have been looking for. Post a screenshot of the font you are looking for and wtf will find it for you.
  • No fitting match? Pass your inquiry on to other font enthusiasts and they will help you out and respond most likely within the hour.
  • Share your typographical skills on the forum with many knowledgeable typographers around.
  • See the typeface of choice in your words and make use of a screenshot for your next client mock up.
  • Get on their mailing list, so your source of inspiration won’t get forgotten. Have your creative team subscribe as well. German CD’s owe it to the German design nation


Sure you are all familiar with MyFonts, now you know that this is an idea that does.


We now live in the age of ideas that do

Having worked with myfonts supplied tools a couple of times, will help you wrap your mind around what an idea that does is. Making utility readily available and spreading their usefulness to make peoples lives easier is what ideas that do are all about.

The more immediate, the more practical, the more necessary, the better.

Ponder no longer over big promises your client’s brand can make, think hard about how such promise gets fullfilled in a timely, immediate, pragmatic fashion.

What to do to make your client’s customers, the people out there experience proof of concept? Have people Test drive some of the brand equity so they come to the conclusion that it just works.

This way you bring back som of the magic of our industry.

I am enger to see questions you may have for me. Post questions you may have in the comments field below.

Check back tomorrow to have a look at mini skirts and how the fashion of the sixties correlates to how we bring sexy back to our industry.

Ideas that do have been discovered and coined by Gareth Kay from Goodby.