Less beetle.

More sadness.

The 21st Century Beetle.

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When the new Beetle was first launched it was embraced in the US of A, yet is was neglected in Germany. People wanted nothing new but wanted the beetle back as they had come to love it.

VW ad by DDB

Some shapes can't be improved on.

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Here is what goes wrong, as if there was solidarity in the automobile industry for doing wrong:

  • Brands offer a car in every category, rather than really getting their hands around what the automaker does best.
  • An enduring lack of consideration for the environment, economics and consumer needs.
  • Little development for interiors
  • No more round headlights
  • No more round rear lights
  • Rear ends all look the same

Is it me or is VW not listening?
Why should VW be listening now that sales have reached an all time high?

I had a hard time getting any information out of their website, for every piece of information, they want your data input. No more digital Fahrvergnügen. You lost me Volkswagen. By which the predecessor VW site was best practice for writing copy and getting the tonality right: Nice logo too.
Nice logo too