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Leaning on London’s lean agency talks

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Neil Perkin, Mark Earls and co founder Stuart Eccles of London’s WeAreMany agency have been at it again at the Google firestarters event. Yes, every little helps. Great thinking has already been applied by you fine people in attempts to pursuade our ad industry. For the ad industry to succeed in the post digital age, we must let go of our industrial age past and embrace the post-digital age for the better of the economy. I am thrilled to see Gareth Kay’s ideas that do, become a startin point for the conversation and component thereof.


Long tail marketing. Ana Andjelic

“I don’t care about why people do things, I care about how they do them.”—Ana Andjelic
fav post from December 2, 2009

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Showcase ideas that do
A combined, concentrated effort to consolidate best practices of successful ideas that do will likely spark some magic and help classic creative directors and decision makers in the ad industry get their hands around just what an idea that does may look like. It will serve the ad industry as a spring board to develop ideas that do.


A popular as much as populistic case of ideas that do was demonstrated by VW, The Fun Theory. Stefan Zschaller, Leagas Delaney’s chief creative has endorsed an idea that does with followfish. In bionic man, Gareth Kay’s words: “Stop communciating products & start making communication products.”




Businesses and brands want to be known as dynamic.
Rather than falling prey to the practice of traditional advertising in the past, by which we assumed we can predict consumers reaction to our long term communication planning in advance – today we make use of tools and technologies that enable a more dynamic setting. We can now make use of agile, iterative planing. Step by step. The trend to a lean agency aims to replace the risk inherent, in hypothetical assumptions and covers with detectable metrics. Analytics in real time are available with every dynamism enabled, social enabled, serious content management system. This allows communication to take place in real time fashion. Businesses and their agencies can react to every mood swing of consumer behavior. Lean means to strip your agency of anything slowing the response time.

Neil Perkin "I'll have what she is having"

"I'll have what she is having" roadmap to Neil Perkin's upcoming book