Continuously creating new meaning for the brand.

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Continuously creating new meaning for the brand.



Many people I know in person, prefer Germany’s Süddeutsche over other reputed German newspapers. It’s for its charming personality which comes with it’s usability. The agreeable journalistic style is a part of it.

Since Tuesday the paper’s new digital design is online including its entire print content and a paywall (10 free articles per week) in place.



SZ.de header

SZ.de Kopfleiste



While the dramatic news story unfolds of the crashing Germanwing plane, SZ.de updated both the key visual and the incoming news in near real time. I have never seen this with any other site. Reports including images and news were upgraded in from of the readers eye with the news breaking.

Even though updating has been a standard routine with news sites from the very beginning, I have never experienced anything in this form.

SZ.de collapses into a menu

SZ.de kollapses into a menu



As the reader diggs into relevant content and moves down the story line by line, the header collapses into a menu and remains stationary. Parallactic scrolling, a first with one of the most popular German newspapers. A best in class example, which has Chancellor Angela Merkel’s site as the only predecessor. SZ got it right as the header-to-menu switch supports usability rather than post-flash effects.

Blog DNA and international web standard with German websites—but is it true?

More on this as German websites evolve and are leaving behind bad design characteristic of the German language web.