new t3 credentials site driven by a smarter way

new smarter t3 credentials site

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T3 has launched a new credentials site determined to being driven by a smarter way. T3 has been on my radar for as long as I published my short list of new ad agencies and/or agencies sporting a new business model.



Experience categories


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The new credentials are tougher and focused exclusively on what is expected to be of interest to new businesses such as agency experience and capabilities. It seems a rigid info architect has had a say. A business minded site out to get your business.



T3’s capabilities





A secret admirer of T3 CEO Gay Gaddis – for her social engagement and achieving a better work/life balance for T3 employees, thereby offering something for talented recruits to believe in – besides growing the largest female led ad business in the US, I believe to have picked up on the following.
Gay Gaddis has put to shame all those untenable claims German ad agencies still don’t feel ashamed of claiming, by demonstrating proof of concept to what it really takes to claim a thing called flat hierarchies.
Gay established a code of conduct where anyone at any level at the agency is allowed and requested to address anyone at any level on the client side.¹


Please note:
¹ Pending confirmation by agency