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We grow up with the fame of some auto brands put with us in the craddle: Ferarri, Bentley, Aston Martin…

The reality of todays tv commercials and contemporary marketing however does not strike me. Why is this?







Lame Luxury

Old world legends make luxury go lame

Luxury brands succumb to the temptation to dwell on their legendary success in present time. Understandably, they would like to enjoy their legendary pedigree even today.

Each period however has parameters of their own. Present post-digital age, is being dominated by market fragmentation and a passing lack of orientation.

We all have become escapists into a better future. The attraction of anything new is imperativ. Anything dated likely fails to make much of an impression. The ever more sophisticated consumer needs a daily dose of self actualization as much as she needs to drink 2 liters of water.

A traditional luxury brand strengthens its owner in having arrived. The big promise remains with a difference. Today the big promise is one of having arrived in the new world.

The luxury brand must now prove its dynamic and transformative identity at every touchpoint by which this has to be of immediate practical use and make the drivers life or that of his family and friends easier.

Find best practices with Burberry and its Art of the Trench, or Hal Riney with their introduction of the Saturn to the US market 3 decades ago, even though aimed at an entirely different audience. The democratization of brands is to become accepted by the luxury brand as well. Mobility, environmental issues, connectivity… All plays an important role in automotive marketing.

Luxury brands are the forerunner of globalization
A brillant challenge taken on by Ralf Specht und Werner Krainz with start up agency Spark 44 in automobile crazy Germany for demonstrating exactly what bahavior is needed for Jaguar in the new world.

For remaining parts of the world, familiar faces Alastair Duncan, Steve Woolford und Bruce Dundore have set out to create a legend for the new world.
I wish to accompany these heavies with a bit of sparkling of my own.
Sparkling Luxury

nothing short of legends for the new world


  • Spark 44—newly created, dedicated Jaguar agency
  • Jaguar Moves Global Account From Euro RSCG to Dedicated Shop Spark44—Emma Hall, AdAge Global