Knowing without understanding

For Peter Kruse the web is the promise of permanent proximity. For David Weinberger it’s a learning environment. Learning in public.

Even though without throbbing sensation, learning (self-actualisation) is a necessary survival strategy and more urgent motivation than sex (reproduction).


Collaboration, co-operation, altruism

How politics, economy and society are in particular dealing with models entailing joint action, working together and selflessness, now gets mirrored in real time throughout the web.


Care for some coffee? Ulrike Reinhard kindly returns us to our own reality

During the propagation of the desktop revolution, the vast majority of people had no understanding of how computers operate, yet they made massive use of the advantages computer applications made available, such as spreadsheets (VisiCalc) or word processors (Word Star).

Why would it have to be so much different today, with vast possibilities ever emerging technologies make available as a consequence of the desktop revolution?

We know things despite our lack of understanding. Knowing goes without understanding.

It just feels right (or wrong).



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