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Kneedeep in mud

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Hannah Jones
on the fear of failure


Milton Glaser
on the fear of failure






Kneedeep in mud can be sexy too

As daring daughter Dido recently pointed out: “It’s not over ’til the fat lady sings but it is good to know the fat lady has taken center stage.”

If my advertising trade is accepting of the fact or not – that in order to survive the transformation and succeed in being transformative, we must bring back the magic – the entire ad industry will just have to follow suit in the wake of transformation and take on their social responsibility not only as an agency but for their trade as a whole or resign. The ever more sophisticated consumer now has the ability to sift grain from chaff and makes good use of it as the global shift in consumer behavior clearly demonstrates. All you need to do is watch the news.
It much looks like Germany will be closing down their nuclear plants in rapid succession after being terrified and sorrowing by the events of Fukushima.

A pragmatic and practical approach for bringing back the magic has long been offered by Gareth Kay from Goodby, surprisingly with ‘What we can learn from the mating habits of birds

We now live in the age of ideas that do.

It’s not what we do, it’s what people do with what we do. Just as important as providing the means of getting things of relevance done and enabling people to get involved, a psychologic switchboard for bringing back the magic, has been captivated by Cindy Gallop in her 3min manifesto. It’s the nessecity of each of us to focus on ourselves and maintaining our very own survival strategy of self actualization and not just focusing on the needs of our clientele. I’ve had to let go of excellent craftsmen and women for not bringing themselves along to work back in my time at zentropy partners.

What makes a brand sexy?

“The willingness to take chances.”—A sucker punch answer by the adored Cindy Gallop, I stumbled upon elsewhere. Stay put for a series of statements on the fear of failure brought to you by Berghs’ Exhibition ’11 and some of the worlds most renown advertising practitioners. The willingness to take chances demands a certain willingness to embrace failure. Kids love to play in mud puddles. Why? They are magically drawn to mud puddles and getting themselves dirty. Why is that? It is our human survival strategy that makes them want to become experienced. If they don’t learn, they won’t survive another day, so to speak. A good question is why do grown ups shy away from mud puddles and getting dirty? They don’t, they are just no longer drawn to mud puddles since the learning curve has expired, we now are drawn to whatever is new to us (reality tv, porn sites, newscasts). A most reliable trait for marketing that is (that of inherent continued need for learning).

Watch the videos and find out why the attitude of fearlessness of failure should help us silly grown-ups succeed in being transformative.

Ad Industry brief

Every little helps—No piece of work may be submitted with no reliable aim at bringing back the magic.
Are you experienced?—Ideas now must be ideas that do. Getting experienced at what ideas that do are all about.
Responsibility—Not only focus on the client needs but focus on your needs as a creative human being and as a member of the advertising trade.