Hand-stamped brand cup at Munich's Ha&Ma coffee shop

Hand-stamped brand cup at Munich’s Ha&Ma coffee shop


Munich’s littlelest coffee shop is setting its own standard with ‘only the necessities’

Gerda, Andi, Corinna and foodblogger Petra know that there is no money made with serving gourmet food at affordable prices.

  1. To make a small profit for Ha&Ma, lots of coffee must be sold.
  2. A single killer favourite will eventually evolve from the variety of daily fresh made food offerings, often served upon individually placed order and receive the teams full attention.
  3. An embarrassingly profane combination such as coffee and croissant, by which both must be of a unique, unheard of quality. Their Tramezzini or Naans are current contenders.


Ha&Ma Coffee has already earned a reputation in the Schwabing neighborhood nearby TUM, the entrepreneurial university. TUM entrepreneurs are welcome.


Hammerstein & Maier


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Faltblatt mit Ladenansicht

Flyer incl. shop view

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Ha&Ma Faltblatt

Ha&Ma direct mail


Potato printing as you may remember it from your childhood, is not so much a money saver as it is fun, says Gerda, the fun woman behind the counter with a twinkle in her eyes, as it is to become a symbol for resilience and strength Ha&Ma has built into its products and is what loyal customers take home from visiting the shop.

But that’s a mouthful and I stop here.
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