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VW ad by Pipe Bomb Advertising, India.

VW is worried for you to keep your social media away when driving so you won’t break your loved ones hearts. Way to go. We may need to take such valid concern even further. It’s proven that social media breaks many peoples hearts, loved ones, and many more hearts get broken, many of which we don’t even know.

It is said that even your own heart may suffer, up to the point where it gets broken.

We have read the reports from far away Japan, where youngsters have committed suicide when no message reached them on their mobiles for a period longer than 3 minutes.

So yes, keep your social media away no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Exceptions may occur:

  • Business-related benefits of social media as long as it is conducive to business.
  • References such as cultural or business supporting announcement of events (author reading, tuberware parties).