Keep it complex, stupid. This years SXSW 2012 proposal by Ana Andjelic and Bud Caddell.


Says who? Says Ana Andjelic, who has teamed up with Bud Cadell for this years proposal for upcoming SXSW 2012. I could still enter my vote but panels are closed now.

A previous post became a favorite discovery in 2009, since it explains, how the ad industry can cut corners by reducing research efforts and focus on what the user does instead of spending half of the budget on finding out,why the user does something. Find the entry here.

Complexity: The Future of Advertising & Just About Everything Else by Bud Caddell


Now here is the synapsis of their proposal:


Keep it complex, stupid

The mantra of our increasingly complex world has, oddly enough, become “think simple.” As interconnections multiply and problems become messier, we are encouraged to reduce them to a single answer, a single solution, or a single killer insight to address an unpredictable web of moving parts. This panel is going to convince you that simplicity is a false god, especially when it comes to creating things in digital. Making digital stuff starts with interactions between data, people, and things. It mixes technology and storytelling. It produces a mesh of small, iterative experiments that work together to create new behaviors. We promise to explore why and how a new model of creativity must champion agility, adaptability, experimentation, noise, and most of all, relationship building.


Questions answered:


  1. What’s the difference between a simple and a complex problem?

  3. Why does that difference matter when making digital things?

  5. What does a creative process look like that respects complexity?

  7. How do you build, launch, manage, and learn from many small experiments rather than one big product/campaign/message?

  9. How should complex relationships shape creative strategy and execution?


Level: Advanced


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