“Suddenly, there was an entire generation crying out for an evolved version of the things they were consuming as children.”

– Simon Pegg

Designing The Future – Metadesign For Murph



Petra, the iconic Munich food blogger1 had recently approached me with her insight of that most everything that comes our way through media these days, is pulling its relevance and strength from somewhere way back in time.

An enormous point for someone like myself who had missed out on demonstrating his project or career run through the official value chain.






Every trade has a value chain it’s practitioners got to run through:

  • Artists must exhibit at renown galleries and museums and preferably solo exhibits.
  • Writers must run through the value chain of critics and write ups of renown publications.
  • Musicians must run through the value chain of performances in renown clubs, concert halls and festivals.
  • Designers must run though the value chain of prestigious clients and award shows.






While this is true, the point we are getting at is of greater importance today with its dominating population of fifty-somethings and beyond. The vast majority is of age 50 or beyond and the ad industry is slowly getting there hands on the demographic change and hurries to plug in a couple rockers and punks in their ads. The change in demographics however requires political consequences by developing tools to help match old people with jobs old people may do better than young ones and help prevent senior poverty from spreading.



You are not as young as you feel but as old as you are

We all had our hay days back then some 30 years ago2. Many can still not realize and accept this to be what it is and trust their brains fooling them into being 10-30 years younger than what they are.

All friends from back then in Munich, Germany had their hay days in the early 1980s when punk finally hit the city of Munich. Many trust to be punks today. The things they did back then are valid today more so then what they do today.

This is why young John V. Willshire as a raconteur, hits such a chord with me, reverberating into a lovely ring of the bell tolling.

I know the sound of the bell tolling, it’s as familiar as the yardbirds sing but causes no relief.

What it does is make me want to follow into what everyone is doing these days, bring back a comeback as an evolved version of what we consumed as a child.

Have a listen to John Willshire.



Show 2 footnotes

  1. Der Mut anderer (the courage of others), iconic Munich food bloggerInterview on Medium.
  2. Twenty Years ago today – The Beatles after changing into The Sergeant Pepper Lonely Heart Club Band