Nostalgia works

Mini John Cooper Works

Faith of the few—Be amazed at how the sparkling new, pixel-perfect Mini John Cooper Works bypasses the mud covered vintage mini in grainy original footage

An automotive advertising apart from the competition, since it takes the involved driver back in time when motoring, or say Fahrvergnügen, was carefree with no concern for the environment.

It follows the popular tendency to having discovered, that a true breakthrough is often carried out early in life, with little experience, limited selection and no purpose. On which we can dwell on, even make a lifetime living from. Tennis champion Boris Becker comes to mind…

The stinging repetitive moderation, suggesting that “this will never work” may be an indication of an intend to hook into typical social media teasing with deficits, the broader public may suffer from.

But what really makes this advertisement a longing pleasure to watch is its grainy vintage footage and the desire to enjoy motoring without any responsibility for environmental disaster.

Groovy cockpit

Aside from the infallible Range Rover and VW’s Beetle, unloved by the people of its country origin, Mini offers a creative cockpit and an interior that is responsive to our senses.

Now can we please have a car that makes us look forward to instead of backward? Something to let us look forward into guilt free motoring and Fahrvergnügen for the 21st century?