past world - new world logo for the Jewish Museum

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JM Wrapping paper

Wrapping paper for the museum store



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Public area ads



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Jewish Museum, 1109 5th Ave at 92nd St New York.

Jewish Museum, 1109 5th Ave at 92nd St New York.



A great example of what graphic design can do for your business and how important design has become as magic wand in the early 21. Century.

My perception of anything Jewish sucks, as it brings up instant flash backs of unprecedented holocaust atrocities.

Aside from the usual tasks of being relevant, noticeable and unique, the design must resolve into behaviour of a more sophisticated people.

A big road sign was put up reading “No Whining”.

Contrast sharpens perception and is brought forth by the Tekhelet blue – a dye mentioned in the Hebrew bible and an important shade in Jewish culture.

Good work by Sagmeister & Walsh, the small graphic design firm in New York with a huge reputation. They seem to have done their math based on sacred ancient geometry of the Star of David, the Flower of Life (featuring overlapping circles) and Metatron’s Cube (a geometric figure of 13 equal circles with lines connecing the centres of each one) with transforming the New York Jewish Museum from a past world into the 21. Century.

Read in full by Carey Dunne and Rachael Steven.