Jesper Munk Bandfoto



Munich Rocks: Jesper Munk Hugnry For Love



MADE IN MUNICHFantastic. A trio from Munich.

A friend who has made the acquaintance of the bass player provided the pointer. Only yesterday I got to watch the singer’s formidable behaviour on the newcomer Sebastian Winkler Show.

The band ought to become known as Jesper Munk, which is the name of the singer. Sounds like Hüsker Dü or Hägen Dazs to local ears. Mando Diao then is not another frontman’s name but the name of a Swedish band from Borlänge.

Big hair, great cuts, teenage girl dreams.
Band photo as an expression is back in style.
Blues, the warm sound of BB King’s Gibson Lucille, and unimportant proof of virtuosity and talent must not refrain the band from having fun on their way to world domination: No one needs a Mark Knopfler with Dire Straits, let alone the many fans and Groupies the band is gathering.

Groupies, besides bands and band photos along with vinyl are back in style. On and beyond the Rolling Stones tour which is on the Jespers agenda or let’s say wish list. No Tom Waits romance, for its all too obvious and was never of real interest.

The dancers of German public tv have finally called it quits. A signal for Jesper Munk to avoid having a girl pole dance to their music when everyone has seen Beyonce, Shakira and Rihanna do all the right moves.

A bit more faux 60’s – for mainstream and hopelessly nostalgic millenials to catch on and throw their money in – after which it may be time to release a blues album experienced as authentic for music lovers, it worked with John Mayall – or perhaps a new folk production.

USA Indie Tour, Pitchfork article, an invite by Conan O’Brien… until then there is time to work on the details: concert ticket design, admission rubber bands or stamps, merchandise, posters. Whatever works toward creating an economic system to grow your very own audience.

While in the middle of it, I become aware that the blues-act train has alread taken of, well then Jesper Munk must leave the scenic road, become a Jack White in his own rights. The difficult route.

In command of the German language read on.