Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis is now on Twitter



Emma Bazilian interview with Jamie Lee Curtis.
The social media part.



How long have you been on Twitter?

Not that long. Maybe a couple of years. Until recently, I had no activity at all; I had a Twitter account just to have it. But then I signed on to do [Scream Queens] with a myriad [of] young people, Internet stars and bloggers, and in doing so, I feel I am now required to participate in social media in a way that I have looked askance at.



What other social media platforms do you use?

Facebook is now for old people, so I’m on Facebook with my other old people. I actually started Instagram about three years before Instagram arrived—I just didn’t have the savvy.



How so?

I recognized that people wanted to share photographs from their iPhones, so I started a Blogspot called iPhoneys for iPhone photographers to share their vision. I invited a group of people who I knew took nice pictures. At that point, I was such a Luddite that they had to actually send me their pictures and then I would upload them to the blog. Eventually I ended up giving everyone the password so they could upload their photos themselves. By the time we started doing it with any regularity, Instagram began. So I feel like I was ahead of the curve and saw the future of iPhone picture sharing, yet I have reaped none of the rewards.

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