Beyoncé mit neuer Sport Marke

Beyoncé introduces her sports brand



Where is your Park?



Centuries ago, Europeans let themselves be carried away by Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni. Spellbound by the Italian goddess actress.

What characterises Sophia Loren 1, is a twofold. It’s her enourmous erotic radiant emittance —the temperful, racy and self-assured, woman-woman par excellence— bound with inherent naturalness, nativeness, motherhood and naive morality, Italian Mommies are known for. A ravishing mixture that is reflected throughout her international movie roles.

With a more matured consciousness, the story of Beyoncé and Jay-Z is no different. Their music videos are social explosives and come unexpected even when early rumoured.

Be it for mainstream or the upper crust of highbrow pop culture, both requirements are addressed vertically and horizontally, no matter how much the intellectuels try to resist and insist on niche culture to not mix well with horizontal culture.

Transformers have long learned to accept mainstream and make use of its universal threads to place niche products in the center of society and its inherent prowess.






Don'tforget to tell the truth about your productDon’t forget
to tell the truth
about your product.



Go find your truth as Sophia Loren und Beyoncé have found theirs. The closest truth in its clarity is outlined at the intersection of the three perspectives filled black (see graphic above). The sexy, oily black pubic triangle that could accelerate the development of young males out of puberty and caused many such men to ignore everyone and everything, is your park. Ladies may haver known this all along and may be the better entrepreneurs.



Here’s your park!

What people do in your park determines over success or failure (of your product).

As founder of at age 60, I bet my diminished rent on the democratisation of business at any age and that money no longer goes to money but those with ideas worth working on between meals.

Should you be planning your own business model and are overwhelmed with information and good advice, you can now come clean and experience clarity, before you even touch your website.

Answer 8 questions and you’ll hold your selling stategy and your brand definition in your hands with your responds. Instant. No charge. There is nothing more to it. The proof is in the pudding:



More attention
on less (things)






Ivy Park