Second wave or alternative Ready Made sample ad.



Pitching instead of prototyping

Big mistake says Guy Kawasaki. And Bob Glaubit is on it with his approach of template based design. The templates then are not found simply by transforming the printed version into its online counterpart, but by disrupting the old way of condition reporting with an entirely fresh experience that is fun and fast, and I trust to have come across an insanely great way of helping Ready Mades’ condition report evolve into a first to market mobile utility with a unique selling proposition (USP):


  • Fastest and most fun condition reporting available to the art industry
  • Rich gesture enhanced user experience – no typing required for most routine work
  • User added reporting capabilities – ok so there will be some typing required here
  • smart point and shoot photo feature
  • optionally socially enabled

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Choose your category

First time user chooses her category every one else is presented with last work saved, likely to be what she wants to work on next as well

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final choice in most cases

User final choice in many cases. The buttons can be designed to show typical damages to art on the actual art piece, icons or text descriptions.



The new standard in art industry condition reporting:

Touch twice and be done

In many cases two touches are suffice for the registrar to furnish an industry standard condition report. Required typing input is reduced to these scenarios -correct me if I am wrong:

  1. First time users are required to type their account information.
  2. Adding and editing descriptive conditions.
  3. Adding and editing recipient information.


In most cases however the user will get to choose from ready made templates.

I got here by looking at last weeks launch of the square stand. And Square’s CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey also provides great insides you need to see regarding the subscription business model. Do make sure to have a long hard look at these insights.

With 5b in mobile payments, Square keeps 2.75% per swipe. Thus providing reason to believe that the Ready Mades subscription business model will work and that consistent, continuous prototyping will get us there by making the product its marketing, relying on development to be our friend and strong support and involvement by loyal, select users.

Which is why Bob Glaubit can use all the support he can get.

So yes, all is good in developing an industry strength, industry standard, way intuitive, way fun mobile app, supporting New York City as digital capitol.

Up next are UI samples for the important tools and how user input will enhance and play an all important role in providing the best reporting capabilities on the market.


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Ready Mades apps icon Rothko

Rothko “Untitled” to show off colour and aqua eyecandy from the 90s.

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Ready Mades apps icon 2d

The trend however is shying away from skeuomorphism tending back to 2D and simplicity