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You’re half-way through, you think. Half way done.

Alas, Industrie 4.0 claimed by the German government, is only now getting out of bed on the wrong foot.

The land of poets and thinkers has long left behind both, poetry and thinking.

At Osiris we shall meet again.
We will live forever.

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It was the March of the year 2015. For 25 years, Europeans have been watching the new century. And welcomed it without feeling desire but ignorance rather.

Industry 4.0, is a project claimed by the German government. New poets and thinkers are prompt to consume themselves with complex issues of academic proportions (see twit pic). The big lever got pulled.





The fourth industriel revolution

Digitalisation is changing our world. The internet and modern technologies are increasingly shaping the producing industries. We are facing crucial change at the threshold to Industry 4.0.

headline of i40



Alas, platform i40, the website of the revolution looks like crap. Every mommyblogger has done a better job at designing a website with off-the-shelf software. But hold it, on the foto further up, aren’t those the same old farts from back then?



Someone has got to break the news to them

They can’t be serious!? A cluttered, unfocused website built with Drupal cannot be a beacon for Europe’s economic future. While wide spread in Europe, I have never seen Drupal used in the US much. WordPress is the internet’s operating system. It’s written for users while Drupal develops for developers. Businesses need to hire a developer for any change they wish to make on their website. It can all get done in-house when using open source theme based software. Drupal is one of the reasons why Europe is running on outdated, slow, non responsive systems.

We really don’t need to get into details, what looks like an old sock from former East Germany, cannot define Germany economic future.

How else to react to such shameless demonstrated profanity, other than with polemics?