A lot of really good conversations happen after Rosé

A most charming confession by Laura Lang, the CEO of Digitas with great insights of the Cannes Festival. The lesson of this years Cannes is that we have to think about marketing more broadly, we have to think about marketing as connecting to people. At Digitas we talk about building active brands. The future is going to be not about messaging or marketing at someone, it is going to be, finding ways for a brand to be active in a person’s life. And that concept and that discussion was very present in Cannes this year.



To keep the beer chilled at a concert in the heat of summer

Carl Johnson, co-founder of Anomaly came up with this brief explanation on how a brand proves as being useful in our post digital time. Read more on how Cannes has changed from a global, fantastic, drunken party to a more serious agenda and how content isn’t king here. Many thanks to you great people at Adweek for going through great lenght in providing real insights of this year’s Cannes festival.


Be stupid

Anomaly credentials site



No mention of the changes in Cannes to be found in the German trade press

I am relieved to read about Cannes in Adweek. German trade reports believe to doing the reader a service by cutting through the clutter and make no mention of context such as the change in Cannes, ongoing transformation. They get straight to the point with the core message: Germany comes in second in the current country rating (that of yesterday) with the US leading. Similar factual reports appear simultaneously about the year’s stagnant economic situation of the ad industry being no reason for enthusiasm. The design nation scores high in conventional media while falling behind in digital. It may take German language editions of US trade magazines for German advertising practitioners to get a grip of the changes in Cannes in recognition of the how consumers have changed so signifantly over the past five years.


Cyber jury in Cannes 2011

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