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Federico Ciccarese's renders for the iPhone 6

Federico Ciccarese’s renders
for the iPhone 6

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iOS X by Federico Ciccarese_2

iOS X by Federico Ciccarese


Courtesy of Federico Ciccarese



Neither fish nor fowl

With the Mac operating system development being at its worst user experience, more designers are coming up with ideas of their own. What you see here is the work of italian designer Federico Ciccarese.

Ciccarese’s concept for the iPhone 6 is inspired by the shape of the iPod Nano, though when applied to the iPhone it bares some resemblance to the Nokia Lumia.

Learn more from Seth Fiegerman.

Adrian Maciburko's Crystal Interface. Nearly invisible

And have a good look at Adrian Maciburko’s ideas for iOS 7 here.


Jony Ive_596

Jony Ive to the aid


Call for enlightenment

A cool calm collected video message from Jony Ive elaborating on his vision for OS X and iOS would help designers from banging their heads and help customers regain some of their fast fading belief in Apple while iOS and OS X become less usable.