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Lupa Capitolina “Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the internet is our new Rome”



Wendy van Luyck from Amsterdam Ad Blog tells the tale of how Kanye West entered the stage in Cannes for a panel discussion with Steve Stoute und Ben Horowitz, on learning to read the cultural landscape, and how he was surprisingly brilliant even though she was expecting the usual celebrity be there routine. It was all about successful collaborations like Dr. Dre’s Beats with Apple.

You need to collaborate, cause the era of lonely, arrogant companies is over. What’s more, do it with the people who have the same principles. Otherwise you are setting yourself up for failure. Look at Blackberry making Alicia Keys their new Creative Director. This collaboration failed and I probably don’t have to tell you why.

These days, a company pushing its fake greatness to its audience is overshadowed by companies that are willing to share. Not only sharing their business, but also (and maybe more importantly) sharing experiences and information.… I stop here with a quote from West.



Empower the content creators or f*ck you!



Read in full by Wendy van Luyck.

(She meant to report on how RA*W’s soaking up a hell of a lot here in Cannes though.)