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Overachieving in holistic marketing

I have been tapping my finger all night at getting my hands around a new project for my lovely lady client in the highly competitive London delicatessen marketplace on a local budget.


This is not about taking an idea, a brand, a concept that is not in the mainstream consciousness and bring it to the mainstream consciousness.

This is about learning how to make a name for something that is in the mainstream consciousness and have it evolve with help of social media and by all means.


And I want to be a sucker at succeeding with this.

The idea is not to be intimidated by icons from the past nor present, but to be comfortable with your identity and exercise for your identity’s integrity and for your identity to become perfectly reflected in the digital space.

Be relieved to hear, that it’s called long tail marketing for a reason. You can rely on today’s marketing to be slow marketing.


The story that is to be told about you, ideally evolves organically much like the stories being told about you during your lifetime in your natural habitat.

I am referring to your identity not your brand, since you will represent your brand and a good test for your brand integrity playing along with your identity and that of anything else you will want to throw into your marketing mix, is a story told in few sentences so it can be told over the phone and resound with the person on the other end of the line. That said, it is good to have a story ready aforehand, but just as good, sometimes even better, when your story presents itself along the way. Much like life tells your story, your brand’s life tells the story along the way.

slow marketing or long tail marketing

slow marketing will never be this slow again

Social activities to drive traffic to your site

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What made me stay awake is not the requested task at hand, which is to build a socially enabled, brand building website. It’s the brand building aspect or in more pragmatic, albeit technical terminology, how to drive traffic to your site.
The social activities around the site despite those from within the site. The social strategies to help achieve set goals in an entirely measurable environment.
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Short list of social activities from within your site

  • Continuity & reliability: Be ready to post an entry every single day.
  • Slow to quarrel: Be prepared to respond to comments, especially those trying to catch you off guard.
  • Empathy works: Acquaint yourself with and accept IPA social principles. Find them here.

    Continuously create
    new meaning
    for your brand



    A grab bag of social activities outside your site

  • Facebook: Have a strategy in place and start your Facebook account. Even before your brand site is up and running.
    • Choose a personal account but make use of it as for your umbrella brand
  • Twitter: With a couple months of fb experience, start your twitter account.
  • Foursquare:With a couple months of fb and twitter experience, start your Foursquare account.
  • Guest blogs:Post a guest blog on third party blogs especially those you seek association with.
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