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Every so often, one of my daughters catches me of guard with yet another product idea I can’t dismiss.

This one can be high flexibilized mass produced. An opportunity will present itself and Dido turns a business woman before we know it.

All great artists knew how to promote themselves and how to run a business of their own.



Enter Dido



Think of da Vinci, Warhol, Rembrandt, Beltracchi as factory owners. They knew/know their category!

Both my daughters share a love for handcraft, something I abhor. Not their’s though. Theirs, I have come to adore. It makes my day.




Industry 4.0 is a claim made by the German government. Merkel has signaled to leverage the nation’s industrial strength with modern day technology. It facilitates the vision of the Smart Factory. Modular structured, lean, smart factories in a highly fragmented cyber-physical space.




Now that each and everyone seems to have come to distrust promises made by big companies and consumers are turning back into citizens, all eyes on family owned businesses. Where else can we go to make strategic consumption happen, have pride and find strength in what we consume?