Illustrator: Raul Riccardo PisaniIllustrator: Raul Riccardo Pisani

Illustrator: Raul Riccardo Pisani

Gioni’s brown sauce

Illustrator: Raul Riccardo Pisani

Gioni’s tomato ketchup

Illustrator: Raul Riccardo Pisani

Gioni’s salad cream


Spanking came first then squeezing.
The same holds true for design in particular usability in design.



Advertising Agency: Alch1m1a Adv, Milan, Italy
Creative Director: Raul Riccardo Pisani, Viviana Leveghi
Art Director: Raul Riccardo Pisani
Copywriter: Viviana Leveghi
Illustrator: Raul Riccardo Pisani


Raul Riccardo Pisani’s sweet prints, make for a brighter day in the name of humanity

It’s why I favour print and tv. It doesn’t consume your time and energy more than absolutely necessary while today’s interactive stuff if done right, sucks your cognitive surplus right out of you more often than not pretending to be in the name of humanity. Big brand’s make you work hard in their favour and online services even though convenient and always available use up more of your time, than what it took to do them on foot.

It’s what I experience every day in Germany, with it’s reputation of being a ‘service desert’ not so long ago, now transforming into badly done online services. It’s a usability nightmare.

Education and politics are to blame, not secretaries and administrators. How should they ever know what usability design is all about. Bring out your clubs for the miseducated designer and coders out there.

Right now, package design is getting there and developers will have to transform eventually.


European Package Design

European package design is slowly getting there: brown sauce, tomato ketchup, salad cream.


Usability in European package design is slowly getting there. Now coders will have to follow suit and the entire education system will eventually get a grip on the importance of usability.

Source: I believe in advertising