Zalando is a huge success in the fashion merchandise business. A Berlin start-up that outgrew its beginnings in the basement with packing a few fashion-labels up for delivery to a mainstay mail-order business in breathtaking speed. Much like Amazon, they were soon criticized for their treatment of logistics employees, aside from fostering cooperations with a slingshot, hack week, and an innovation lab.

By no means, does Zalando want to be in a category of mail order businesses but wants to stand out as a young fashion label. The mainstream breakthrough occurred with the very first television campaign in Germany featuring people scream their heads off or should we say screaming in the face of the audience. A screaming success nevertheless by ad agency Jung von Matt: ’Schrei vor Glück(scream with joy).

Today Zalando follows the tendencies other big brands are following with a focus on being liked and getting likes. See featured Togetherness campaign. One widespread tendency you can observe on tv is the leaving behind of action thrills in favor of observing human behavior. Zalando also places bets on youth marketing.

We’ll see how the togetherness of mainstream and youth marketing will work out.