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For every trend there is an equal and opposite counter-trend

The trend German outdoor sportwear manufacturer Schöffel is taking on with their “I’m out” campaign, is of course the ever growing trend of workaholics escaping to the outdoors, particularely the alps shared by five European nations.

Ogilvy & Mather in Frankfurt worked with owner Peter Schöffel and head of marketing Corinna Umbach to help the Schöffel brand being talked about and moved into the mindset of a cash strong mature bunch.

An escapist campaign before Germany even got started with the general transformer command.

When the world zigs zag‟, we hear you London boys and girls, and we have learned our lesson from Goldman Sachs, that there is great use in abuse.

Huber boys (popular extreme sports bros) against suits.

Outdoors agains indoors.

Young reactionaries against new technologies.

Vinyl records versus Spotify.

Et cetera.

The winner stands taller when the enemy lies crushed to his feet.