Iceland vs England
UEFA Euro 2016

England – Iceland UEFA Euro 2016



Island's viking stunt

Iceland’s viking stunt

Íslenska karlalandsliðið í knattspyrnu

„Call of the vikings”

world-class bottom-up approach

world-class bottom-up approach







Even though this very minute Iceland has fallen behind France (2.0, 20th minute), the Iceland football team had a story to tell. A lesson to learn for the world.

Iceland wasn’t even on the radar of world soccer before they stunned the world on June 27 with defeating England.

The product is the team and how they play, supported by a rich club with money to spend on support and heavy promotion.

Iceland had none of that. They won because they played to win and instead of money tossed at consultants and agencies, they stunned the world not only by winning but by being more creative and more in touch with their supporters. The fans sent a frightening deep sounding WOO through the stadium air. A deep WOO in ever shorter intervals.

It felt as it might have felt for the Roman soldiers when attacked by the Barbarians in the dark woods of Germany.

For the time span the pulse of the Viking call sounded it silenced the chant of the English supporters.bottom-up