It went public on Wed, Tim Cook, former COO, has now taken on Steve Job’s role as CEO.

And he does not have to prove quite yet, that he’s a visionary, as German papers suggest. Steve Jobs will want to keep a handle on crucial decision making and be in close touch with Tim Cook.

On the genius of Steve Jobs in Jim Mitchem’s words:

as long as I’ve been a copywriter, I’ve worked around designers who touted Apple products. For years I blew them off as dogmatic brand ambassadors. I was a writer – all I needed was a pencil and pad of paper. Then, back in 2009, I bought a refurbished iMac. It was so brilliant, so quickly, that I immediately decided to turn my entire home and office into an Apple shop. Two years later and, well, I’m not going to laundry list all of Apple products that surround me – but let’s just say we’re more efficient and happier than we’ve ever been. Yes, happier. Connectivity and simplicity are beautiful things. And there’s not one spec of PC or Windows hardware to be found.


An older entry of mine regarding Tim Cook has received 6,630 pageviews yesterday. Should you be interested here it is.


Yes, that is Steve Jobs' silhouette

Yes, that is Steve Jobs' silhouette.
A church near the CBD in Auckland. Photo by mullering via Flickr.


One more thing…

Even techcrunch reported of record traffic, due to articles regarding Steve Jobs resignation as Apple CEO.

By way of Neil Perkin’s excellent newsletter, I became aware of a punchy post by Micheal Seitzman for Huffington Post. A more contemplative article, I stole the headline from One more thing… on techcrunch.

Brief yet with empathy, Cindy Gallops on Facebook:

In his resignation letter, Jobs says that he believes “Apple’s brightest and most innovative days are ahead of it.”

Much of the same has proven true before, after Steve Jobs got fired from Apple, and in the following his NeXT computer company went out of business (my personal eco system broke down back then), just to experience unforeseen circumstances, to continue the development that began with NeXT, which we all have come to love and enjoy as Mac OS X.

Life always find a way. (Dr. Ian Malcolm, Lost World, Jurrassic Park)

You can’t stop the future from happening.

It’s the little things that count (Publix, radio jingle)