“It’s not what we do,
it’s what people do with what we do.”

Gareth Kay, Goodby Silverstein and Partners

Gareth Kay coined ideas that do. Watch Gareth address the advertising world here. I have quickly come to trust that ideas that do offer a universal, most practical solution for the advertising industry to be transformative and overcome the creativity crisis by just doing it. This is your call to action. Show your support and post your ideas that do as brief case study.


Snowmen against global warming

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released: January 2010
Advertiser: Entega
Agency: DDB Germany
Country: Germany
Category: Public awareness message


Chief Creative Officer: Amir Kassaei (DDB Group Germany)
Executive Creative Director: Stefan Schulte (DDB Germany, Berlin)
Creative Director: Ludwig Berndl, Kristoffer Heilemann (DDB Germany, Berlin)
Managing Director: Andreas Poulionakis (DDB Germany, Berlin)
Director/Executive Producer: Ralf Schmerberg (Trigger Happy Productions)
Copywriters: Edgar Linscheid,Mona Sibai,Antje Gerwien,Res Matthys (DDB Germany, Berlin)
Art Directors: Cathrin Ciuraj,Lars Buri,Chan-Young Ramert,Marian Grabmayer (DDB Germany, Berlin)
Graphic Design: Steffen Boseckert,Mattias Nygard, (DDB Germany, Berlin)
Client Service Directors: Anke Peters,Matthias Meusel (DDB Germany, Berlin)
Account Manager: Sebastian Neumann,Ann-Katrin Schelkmann,Caroline Sturm (DDB Germany, Berlin)
Agency TV Producer: Barbara Simon (DDB Germany, Berlin)
Executive Producers: Stephan Vens,Eva Maier-Schönung (Trigger Happy Productions)
Project Management: Cornell Hentze, Bella Sahin (Trigger Happy Productions)
Public Relations Strategy, Framework Program: Sven Griemert, Antje Schuler, Karin Leppin (J+K Agentur für Strategische Kommunikation)
Production Design: Peter Weber (artdepartment)
Online: Art Direction/Concept/Programming: Ebon Heath, Eric Mahleb, Oliver Berger (mindpirates)
Authors: Göran Adrian Bellin, Peter Weiss, Matthias Gössling (mindpirates)
Research: Sofia Uguccioni, Judtih Landkammer, Rachel de Joode, Polly Robbins (mindpirates)
Photographers: Dennis de la Haye, Max Merz, Sven Glage ()
Audio Production: Lukas Walter, Lars Gelhausen, Nina Steiger, Claudia Hesse (Hastings Audio Network Berlin)


















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